André Johnson

André Johnson is an experienced award-winning photographer who is passionate about capturing unique moments with his signature style. 

Growing up in the coastal town of Sarasota, FL, André spent most of his childhood around water, constantly immersed in the marine environment, and through this immersion, attaining an ever-growing appreciation for the ocean and all its inhabitants. He began his venture into photography at a young age to share his experiences and close encounters with marine wildlife and soon became obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: lighting, balance, composition and the use of space.

He has since journeyed across the globe to compose a diverse collection of images to showcase the awe-inspiring beauty of nature and the marine environment.

Through his photography, André aims to educate people about nature and the marine environment, hoping to raise awareness of the beauty, fragility, and importance it possesses with a desired outcome to motivate people on a worldwide scale to take action in order to protect it and all the animals (and people) who depend on it.

Currently based out of Deerfield Beach in South Florida, USA, André is a freelance photographer & media specialist operating in both the commercial and fine art segments of the photography industry. 

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